How Important is Getting Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Imagine that you woke up and decided to start a sandwich shop. You locate a store front that is in the heart of town. Inside there is already counters, coolers and refrigeration that you need to start up your new shop. You are very happy!

You open your doors several weeks later and sit, watching the door, wondering “is anyone going to come into my shop and order a sandwich” …… This is exactly what happens to online Businesses. You pay a webmaster to build your website or blog, you make sure you have all your products, pricing, pictures and information on the website for your visitors. You get a hosting company so that your website is now live ready for business. But then … you wait, and wait. Why isn’t anyone ‘clicking’ on your site.

Traffic in any business is very important. Without traffic to your site there is no chance for success. People need to know that you exist, they want to know what you are all about and of course to be able to check out your products easily.

So HOW do you get traffic to your site? Just as you would get traffic to your sandwich shop, you must advertise, broadcast and tell the world that you have a new business on the internet that you think is worth their time to check out.

5 tips on how you can start ‘getting the word out’ about your new online business:

1) Article Marketing – Whatever you product or service is, write simple articles that pertain to that market niche. Just be sure to put your website or blog link into the author’s resource box. This is where people will start to learn about you and your business.

2) AdWords or FreeAds – Advertising on the internet is fast, easy and reaches millions of people each day. Google Adwords (and other similar sites) is a pay per click type ad. Be careful when first starting out if you use this format. Keep the budget low and monitor every day. It can be the best way or can be a money drain. Or place adds using sites like – these are truly free ads and you can post as many as you want!

3) Social Networking Sites – Sites like FaceBook or Twitter are the most popular social sites and can literally reach millions of people. Learning how to use social sites takes some time but you can at least start a profile page about you and and what your new business is about. Gaining friends and contacts is how you build your network.

4) Video Marketing – This is now the most popular format to get your word out. Videos are a way for people to see you, hear you and learn about what your new business might be able to offer. But be careful, never ‘sell’ to anyone. Keep your video interesting, funny, even a bit crazy so visitors will want to take the next step and visit your site.

5) Word of Mouth – Even in today’s high tech world, getting out into your neighborhood, your town or city and talking with people is a great way to gain immediate reaction. Join local business groups, chamber of commerce or other local social groups, ask to be a presenter or a speaker on a subject that pertains to your market niche. The old fashion ways of business are still just as important today as they were decades ago.

Have fun with obtaining your new visitors, contacts and customers. Be sure to have a good tracking system for your contacts information. Always remember to collect your visitors or contacts EMAIL address and stay in touch with them through sites like iContact so they are informed of any new or on special products you may have along the way.

Traffic is your business. Without it, you might as well close the shop!

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5 Responses

  1. Great informational article, Lynn! Thanks!

  2. Nice to see these compartmentalized so neatly. Online businesses almost has twice the work than brick and mortar – traditional marketing and steps such as the above suggestions are BOTH neceesary to get eyes on your product. Thanks for breaking it down for us.

  3. Thank you for sharing these articles and helping companies get ahead.

  4. Hey Lynn, great clean blog you have here.

    My blog has been online for 9 months now and you are the first person to show me how to connect this way.

    Many of my sites which are monetized for Ad-sense income are static and SEO optimized. So the blog you visited is my first and I am still questioning which platform is best for this type of income.

    Great to meet you Lynn!

    Steve Fisher

    • Thanks Steve for your comments. There are those that actually do not believe in blogs. I am not one of them. I see blogs, writing articles, social newtorking, etc. to be the best SEO for any online business. When you leave your comments AND your link, we are creating backlinks which search engines love. I would like to hear more of your plans and goals for your business. You can connect with me on FB, Twitter or even Linkedin. Thank you and much success to you and your business.

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