Online Business Success: Get a Blog!

Blog for Online Business Success

Blog is NOT a four letter word. Discover just how cool a blog is and why you should have one in today’s online business world.

So what is a Blog … and why do I need one?

A Blog is actually like a website. However, you don’t need all the knowledge of website design or development. The word blog comes from web log, the input of an online journal or diary.

And today’s blog is much more creative. It’s a powerful tool in promoting you, your company, products and services. A communication format that is easy to put together and if maintained on a regular basis, will help promote you to higher rankings with the search engines.

A blog is best used to promote a new small business, service or product by sharing photos, videos and good content about the product and how it can personally help others. A blog is a great way to promote you as a professional agent, whether real estate, financial, travel or insurance. Even attorney’s and doctors find that a blog is an excellent communication tool for their clients and others that might be searching for their services. Another way to utilize a blog is to set up a profile about your life, as an artist, song writer or even show your talents in a particular sport. It is also a great format to showcase yourself for employment and if done the right way, can actually make a great resume for a potential job placement.

So you see, a Blog is a very important piece to your success. Personal or professional, product based or just a showcase. Once your blog is completed, it is another ‘link’ to you and the branding of your profession, products or services.

What are you waiting for …. jump in and get that blog going!

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5 Responses

  1. I manage a blog special for my business. I think it’s not a very good one, yet, but I’m developing. I think blog could be an effective way to promote some products, thoughts and ideas. I agree with you. Nice posting, Ms. Brown. Thanks for sharing this article. 🙂

  2. Lynn,
    Thanks for sharing about blogs! You did an excellent job!
    Thank you for also leaving me a comment as I just put in a new blog today,hope your having a great week and thanks again for sharing!

  3. This is a good explanation of why it’s good to have a blog to promote your business.

    If you are a writer, you should really have a blog. And Twitter and Facebook can be a great supporting outposts for your blog. You want other people to talk about your blog on the social networks. That’s one way to help drive traffic to your blog.

    When people read your blog posts, they can leave comments there. If you are skilled, you can seed discussions very easily. You want to grow a community around your blog.

    The thing about blogs is… they take time to maintain. You have to keep adding to them to keep them fresh. If you want to make lots of money online with less ongoing work required, you’ll want to create certain kinds of websites other than blogs. Websites that collect e-mail addresses, for example. Websites that sell something, like e-books or other information products, or even physical products.

    And driving traffic to a site via social media requires constant work. What works long term without further work (other than the initial work in creating it)? Articles to drive traffic to your site. Then, pay-per-click advertising once you’ve proven your system converts well and you know you’ll make a profit. Then buy advertisements on larger sites in your niche. And you know what? You do that, and your search engine ranking will have risen on its own. Cool, eh? That’s called the Automatic Snowball Traffic System and it was created by Jason Nyback. See my site for WAY more information. And I’m always available for questions. I want to help you succeed!


  4. Lynn:

    Great article! Blogging is so important to a business’ online presents!

  5. Lynn, Very good article and you show very nicely why a small business should have a blog. You list some of the many items the business can add to their blog to create interest, sales and followings. Keep up the good work. Much Success and have a GREAT DAY! Rich

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