Does Your Website Beat the 3.5 Second Rule?!

Important Website Features

If you are starting to plan or develop your website or you have a website but it isn’t converting very well, then you should know that statistics say you only have 3.5 seconds to catch your vistors eye and give them reason to stay on your site! Getting them to come back is another important reason why you should implement certain features into your website plans.

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Online Busines QUICK TIP: Brainstorming

Brainstorming with friends...let them talk!

Deciding on what new product niche, business product, type of service or even marketing ideas can all be overwhelming if you are starting out.

When you can brainstorm with someone it is a great way to get a different aspect or way of thinking that you may have otherwise never thought of. So who do you ask or talk to?

TIP: Don’t talk, instead let them talk. I found out that asking basic, simple questions with family and friends can open a door of ‘ah ha’s’! And they don’t even know it.

Next time you have an idea for a new product or business …. try asking broad basic questions and then listen to get their feedback and see if their response turns into valuable information!

Also utilizing your Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites is a great place to get feedback not only from family and friends but with business connections too!

Have you already used this approach? Please comment below.

Online Business Quick-TIP – Finding a Product

..>>So let’s talk about having your own product<<..

If you’re good at writing or programming then one of the best
ways to make money onine is making your own product. At first it is probably best to try a subject that you know something about and try
to find a problem that you could offer a solution to.

That way you know your audience and you have a solution for them.
Once you have your own product then you can start your own
affiliate program to sell your product for you.

This way …. you make 100% of the sale – don’t have to share!

If you have a little bit of money and a great idea for a product then you
can hire someone to create the product for you from a place like or This will help you
start earning profits from your new product even faster with less work on your part.

Best to you and your eBusiness Success!