Online Business Success: Get a Blog!

Blog for Online Business Success

Blog is NOT a four letter word. Discover just how cool a blog is and why you should have one in today’s online business world.

So what is a Blog … and why do I need one?

A Blog is actually like a website. However, you don’t need all the knowledge of website design or development. The word blog comes from web log, the input of an online journal or diary.

And today’s blog is much more creative. It’s a powerful tool in promoting you, your company, products and services. A communication format that is easy to put together and if maintained on a regular basis, will help promote you to higher rankings with the search engines.

A blog is best used to promote a new small business, service or product by sharing photos, videos and good content about the product and how it can personally help others. A blog is a great way to promote you as a professional agent, whether real estate, financial, travel or insurance. Even attorney’s and doctors find that a blog is an excellent communication tool for their clients and others that might be searching for their services. Another way to utilize a blog is to set up a profile about your life, as an artist, song writer or even show your talents in a particular sport. It is also a great format to showcase yourself for employment and if done the right way, can actually make a great resume for a potential job placement.

So you see, a Blog is a very important piece to your success. Personal or professional, product based or just a showcase. Once your blog is completed, it is another ‘link’ to you and the branding of your profession, products or services.

What are you waiting for …. jump in and get that blog going!

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SEO – What is it & Why is it Important

You may have seen these initials (SEO) throughout your research for making money online.
SEO stands for ….. Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a process to ensure your website or blog is designed to ‘attrack’ the search engines so that you can be ‘ranked’ higher when people are searching for you, your product or service.

This process includes such things as doing research for the appropriate keywords for your business. These keywords are descriptive to your business and is very important to optimizing your site. Keywords must be targeted words or phrases that best describes your business and products.

It isn’t difficult to research and find the keywords. However, you should expect to spend some time to produce as many keywords so that you will have a better chance of ranking higher with the search engines. When someone searches your keyword or phrase you want to be listed on the first page of the search. Ranking at the number one position is attainable but does take some time.


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How Important is Getting Traffic To Your Website or Blog

Imagine that you woke up and decided to start a sandwich shop. You locate a store front that is in the heart of town. Inside there is already counters, coolers and refrigeration that you need to start up your new shop. You are very happy!

You open your doors several weeks later and sit, watching the door, wondering “is anyone going to come into my shop and order a sandwich” …… This is exactly what happens to online Businesses. You pay a webmaster to build your website or blog, you make sure you have all your products, pricing, pictures and information on the website for your visitors. You get a hosting company so that your website is now live ready for business. But then … you wait, and wait. Why isn’t anyone ‘clicking’ on your site.

Traffic in any business is very important. Without traffic to your site there is no chance for success. People need to know that you exist, they want to know what you are all about and of course to be able to check out your products easily.

So HOW do you get traffic to your site? Just as you would get traffic to your sandwich shop, you must advertise, broadcast and tell the world that you have a new business on the internet that you think is worth their time to check out.

5 tips on how you can start ‘getting the word out’ about your new online business:

1) Article Marketing – Whatever you product or service is, write simple articles that pertain to that market niche. Just be sure to put your website or blog link into the author’s resource box. This is where people will start to learn about you and your business.

2) AdWords or FreeAds – Advertising on the internet is fast, easy and reaches millions of people each day. Google Adwords (and other similar sites) is a pay per click type ad. Be careful when first starting out if you use this format. Keep the budget low and monitor every day. It can be the best way or can be a money drain. Or place adds using sites like – these are truly free ads and you can post as many as you want!

3) Social Networking Sites – Sites like FaceBook or Twitter are the most popular social sites and can literally reach millions of people. Learning how to use social sites takes some time but you can at least start a profile page about you and and what your new business is about. Gaining friends and contacts is how you build your network.

4) Video Marketing – This is now the most popular format to get your word out. Videos are a way for people to see you, hear you and learn about what your new business might be able to offer. But be careful, never ‘sell’ to anyone. Keep your video interesting, funny, even a bit crazy so visitors will want to take the next step and visit your site.

5) Word of Mouth – Even in today’s high tech world, getting out into your neighborhood, your town or city and talking with people is a great way to gain immediate reaction. Join local business groups, chamber of commerce or other local social groups, ask to be a presenter or a speaker on a subject that pertains to your market niche. The old fashion ways of business are still just as important today as they were decades ago.

Have fun with obtaining your new visitors, contacts and customers. Be sure to have a good tracking system for your contacts information. Always remember to collect your visitors or contacts EMAIL address and stay in touch with them through sites like iContact so they are informed of any new or on special products you may have along the way.

Traffic is your business. Without it, you might as well close the shop!

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Awesome Article

One of my Twitter followers shared this article with me on Three Essential Internet Marketing Skills. It has some great tips and info!

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Raving Fans for Your Online Business Success

I have found that what I learned throughout my corporate life, still very much applies to online business. Back in the day and even in today’s marketplace, it was all about finding ways to not only pull in customers but to also have those customers coming back to you all the time.

Now when you apply those lessons and principles to your online business it will produce the same awesome results! Why? Because people like to be treated as if they are very special to you. They like to be acknowledged. They are looking for value. When they know you are sincere about helping them and not selling to them, they become your raving fan for life.

This may sound obvious to some of you, however so many people today do not take the time to do what it takes in keeping their customers coming back.

Here is an awesome book that you might want to add to your business library, maybe even share with your employees! ….. its short, easy reeading. You can probably read it on your lunch break!

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5 Easy to Understand Steps to Article Writing

If you are anything like me, when I started marketing on the internet I tried everything I could to make successful sales without writing an article. I heard over and over again about article writing and how it improves your ranking, but because I was not into writing anything past 10 or 15 words, I just couldn’t imagine writing a whole article!

Here are 5 Easy to Understand Steps to Article Writing:

Step One: The key is, DON’T PANIC! Take some time and search online for articles in your niche. Read a few articles to get an idea of the flow and structure. Once I did this, I felt more confident that I could do this.

Step Two: Write down every idea that comes to mind about your particular market niche, product, service that you are promoting. Think about 5 Top Keys, 3 Simple Steps, How To, and so on. From there you can either start writing about that particular idea. BUT….. I have something else that you might like even better – skip and go to Step Four.

Step Three: Go to any article directory on the web. If you have never been to an article directory, it is generally a site of articles about every subject you can imagine. Now type in one of your ‘ideas’ that you wrote down into the sites search box. You will be amazed at all the articles that are being written about ‘your’ idea!

Step Four: Take one of those articles and just re-write it! Yup, it’s that simple. But of course, never, ever copy another authors work. This exercise is purely to give you an idea and also structure for your article that you will write. Use catchy titles and be sure to always use your keywords that best fit your market niche.

Step Five: Start submitting your articles to online article directories. Be sure to complete the ‘Resource Box’. This area is very important. It allows you to give a brief description of you, your company AND to include your link back to your site or blog. This is the secret of getting those very important ‘backlinks’ and is the secret to improving your visitor count to your site, which in turn should equate to more sales.

That is it. I hope this gives you more motivation to start writing those articles. Try writing an article at least 2 or 3 per week. Oh, of course, after you are done writing, start submitting your articles to all the article directories. Then watch your tracking stats on your website to see how effective your hard work has helped!

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Finding the Perfect Market Niche

While starting an online business can be exciting, there seems to be one big frustration among new online marketers. That is …. finding the perfect market niche. It isn’t easy to find the market and the product you want to promote. But then again, if it were easy, everyone would leave their 8 to 5 JOB and become an online entrepreneur.

However, with todays technology, the Internet has proved to be a huge resource for researching and finding enough information to give you ideas to decide which market and product you will promote for your online success.

I recently wrote an article on this subject, and probably will continue to discuss further in the future as this is such an important step.

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