SEO – What is it & Why is it Important

You may have seen these initials (SEO) throughout your research for making money online.
SEO stands for ….. Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is a process to ensure your website or blog is designed to ‘attrack’ the search engines so that you can be ‘ranked’ higher when people are searching for you, your product or service.

This process includes such things as doing research for the appropriate keywords for your business. These keywords are descriptive to your business and is very important to optimizing your site. Keywords must be targeted words or phrases that best describes your business and products.

It isn’t difficult to research and find the keywords. However, you should expect to spend some time to produce as many keywords so that you will have a better chance of ranking higher with the search engines. When someone searches your keyword or phrase you want to be listed on the first page of the search. Ranking at the number one position is attainable but does take some time.


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Awesome Article

One of my Twitter followers shared this article with me on Three Essential Internet Marketing Skills. It has some great tips and info!

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5 Easy to Understand Steps to Article Writing

If you are anything like me, when I started marketing on the internet I tried everything I could to make successful sales without writing an article. I heard over and over again about article writing and how it improves your ranking, but because I was not into writing anything past 10 or 15 words, I just couldn’t imagine writing a whole article!

Here are 5 Easy to Understand Steps to Article Writing:

Step One: The key is, DON’T PANIC! Take some time and search online for articles in your niche. Read a few articles to get an idea of the flow and structure. Once I did this, I felt more confident that I could do this.

Step Two: Write down every idea that comes to mind about your particular market niche, product, service that you are promoting. Think about 5 Top Keys, 3 Simple Steps, How To, and so on. From there you can either start writing about that particular idea. BUT….. I have something else that you might like even better – skip and go to Step Four.

Step Three: Go to any article directory on the web. If you have never been to an article directory, it is generally a site of articles about every subject you can imagine. Now type in one of your ‘ideas’ that you wrote down into the sites search box. You will be amazed at all the articles that are being written about ‘your’ idea!

Step Four: Take one of those articles and just re-write it! Yup, it’s that simple. But of course, never, ever copy another authors work. This exercise is purely to give you an idea and also structure for your article that you will write. Use catchy titles and be sure to always use your keywords that best fit your market niche.

Step Five: Start submitting your articles to online article directories. Be sure to complete the ‘Resource Box’. This area is very important. It allows you to give a brief description of you, your company AND to include your link back to your site or blog. This is the secret of getting those very important ‘backlinks’ and is the secret to improving your visitor count to your site, which in turn should equate to more sales.

That is it. I hope this gives you more motivation to start writing those articles. Try writing an article at least 2 or 3 per week. Oh, of course, after you are done writing, start submitting your articles to all the article directories. Then watch your tracking stats on your website to see how effective your hard work has helped!

If you have questions about Article Writing or Article MarketingPlease leave your comment OR Visit my site and see how you can speak 1-on-1 with me for Free! Ask your questions that pertain to you and your business.

Article Marketng: Increase Your Online Sales

Article Marketing is Key

It’s true what they say, articles do effectively bring you traffic to your site. And the cost is virtually free! It just takes some of your time to write the articles for your particular market niche. Utilizing your keywords will be very important. The Author’s Resource Box is another area that is of importance because it allows you to briefly talk about you and your company, but also a link back to your site. This ‘back link’ is the KEY in getting more visitors to your site, which should equate to more sales and online business success.

So if you have been putting it off ….. don’t! Start today, write an article and submit it to the article directories. Then watch the tracking on your website. If you continuely write and submit articles with your link back to your site, you should even see your ranking increase too. So article writing is still a win, win.

AND …. if you just don’t have the time or really don’t like to write, then consider outsourcing it to either a virtual assistant or you could also check or, post a project for someone to write articles for you. Whatever way you go – Just Do It!

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Online Rapid Income – Do You Have These 3 Skills?

You see it everywhere on the internet today that entices you to work from home, build an internet business, make money online, create awesome wealth or be a millionaire in six minutes!

While it’s true, people can and do make money online, creating rapid income takes some work. In most cases, unless you are really lucky, it won’t happen over night.

Do you have what it takes? Here are 3 skills you should have in order to succeed online:

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Online Business Quick-TIP – Finding a Product

..>>So let’s talk about having your own product<<..

If you’re good at writing or programming then one of the best
ways to make money onine is making your own product. At first it is probably best to try a subject that you know something about and try
to find a problem that you could offer a solution to.

That way you know your audience and you have a solution for them.
Once you have your own product then you can start your own
affiliate program to sell your product for you.

This way …. you make 100% of the sale – don’t have to share!

If you have a little bit of money and a great idea for a product then you
can hire someone to create the product for you from a place like or This will help you
start earning profits from your new product even faster with less work on your part.

Best to you and your eBusiness Success!

Work from home – Is it for you?

Work from home on your computer

Work from Home on your computer

Over the past several years, and due to the continuing struggling economy, many people are now considering and starting work from home businesses on their computers.

After having pay or hours reduced, benefits reduced or worse, getting layed off from work – this is the best time to evaluate your talents and desires for a successful work from home business.

So what are your talents?  Maybe you have a hobby, expertise in a field, you like to write, enjoy wood working, sewing or training dogs.  Whatever your ‘passion’ is – that is the best place to start.  You can turn your passion into a work from home business like so many others have and are doing today.

First, make sure you are the right type of person to work from home.   Can you answer YES to the following 5 questions:

1)  Are you TEACHABLE –  Will you take the time and learn all that you can about the internet and how to achieve a successful online work from home business?

2)  Are you MOTIVATED –  Is your passion strong enough to keep you going day after day?

3)  Are you DISCIPLINED –  Are you able to set up your home office away from distractions and be able to set schedules and stick to them without watching TV or sitting on the couch taking a nap in the middle of the day?

4)  Are you READY –  Will you start TODAY and take action now towards your work from home business?

5)  Are you WILLING –  Can you make sacrafices to achieve your goals for a successful online work from home business?

Did you answer YES to all 5 questions?  

C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !! 

These traits gives you a huge advantage on a successful path towards your work from home business.    So take advantage of this forum and get on my email list as I will continue to share information, knowledge and experience to help you in your endevours.